Hidden Canyon ( Saklikent )

Hidden Canyon ( Saklikent )




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Saklikent – Tlos – Xanthos


Saklıkent (Hidden) Canyon, 50 km.s away from Fethiye, is a unique natural wonder. 300 meters deep and 18 kilometers long canyon took its shape of today as a result of running streams from the mountains which causes the erosion of the rocks in thousands of years. It is possible for visitors to go inside the canyon only in summer months because of the highly raising water level of winter months. If photography is one of your hobbies you can catch magnificent images of Hidden Canyon and the neighborhood with its untouched nature.

A safe bridge is the passage for going inside the canyon. From the start its white froths burbling springs and the most travelers. The ideal sportive activity for everybody is to do walking in the cool waters, approximately 3 km., of Hidden Canyon which is a natural shelter for the sweltering ones in hot summer days.


28 km. away from the district center. It is the sports city of the Lycian federal union. It provides evidences of the continuance of life in Anatolia, traces of 4 historical generations can be seen all together in here. It has become the subject for the legend of the famous Belleforontes and the winged horse Pegasus. Bloody Ali Ağa Palace, stadium, gymnasium, Palaestra, hamam, theatre, Nekropol in where the Belleforontes tomb is located, are among the buildings reaching till today….


It is the administrational centre of the Lycian Federation. It is located inside the borders of Kınık Village, 60 km. away from Fethiye. Among the remains reached today from this important city, which had witnessed collective suicides for the sake of freedom and independence, the Acropolis of Lycian period, the theatre of Roman period, the church of Christian period, the city door of Hellenistic period can be seen. “Nereidler Memorial” that had been moved out in 1838 and the other significant Lycian period remains are exhibited in London British Museum.

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