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Kaya Village, reaching from antique Karmylassos till today, carries the importance as a living settlement where the different cultures are united with each other, been settled and been moved, an uninterrupted life site. The stone houses, churches, schools, chapels, work shops, other buildings, typical sample of the Mediterranean architecture, built on top of the slopes without cutting the sun light of each other and narrow roads all connecting with each other, are laid almost like an open air architectural museum…

As the consequence of the population exchange with the Lozan Agreement, signed and carried out by the Turkish-Greek governments, the Greek population living in Kaya Village and the Turkish population living in West Thrace had exchanged the settlements, however, since the Turkish immigrants could not have adopted themselves with the life style here, the process of today’s abandoned appearance of the village has developed.
Kaya Village is protected as an important mosaic of Anatolian cultures and with the purpose of blossoming hopes and enthusiasms which had turned into grief in the past; it is getting reevaluated by a modern tourism understanding. With the completion of the restoration and planning studies in the near future, the realization work for establishing an ideal village of friendship, peace, science, culture, art, which will set a sample to the world, is being carried out by the state and private enterprises. Kaya Carpets, made by original colors obtained with Kaya Village’s alizarin technique, are famous. Furthermore, the products like fig, chickpea, honey melon and pomegranate are also very special.

Accommodation establishments, restaurants, wine houses and Kaya Art House are at your service…Gemiler Bay and Afkule Monastery, very nearby, as a significant and attractive neighborhood, makes the difference for Kaya. In addition, its climate providing a healthy life is another privilege.


The trip, you will make to reach the splendid beauty of Ölüdeniz, provides you two more special alternatives. Ovacık and Hisarönü villages.
4 km. away from Ölüdeniz, Ovacık and Hisarönü are two pretty villages where you can stay, have a good time and get rest while feeling the sweet breeze of Baba Mountain covered with pine forestry in the hot summer days. Besides their hotels, bars, entertainment and shopping centers and their warm, hospitable people, Ovacık and Hisarönü are also starting point of the trekking vacationists of the Lycian Track.
The area of Ovacık, Hisarönü and Ölüdeniz has a bed capacity of 20.000 in total. You can find all kinds of different accommodation standards, starting from first class holiday villages to little family pensions and camping.


Sheltering approximately 10.000 types of plants, including the most beautiful samples of Mediterranean Flora and 49 endemic types, 1975 meters high Baba Mountain is at the same time one of the most favorite take-off centers of the paragliders. It turns out to be a real adventure not only for the jumping ones whose trip begins by soaring like a bird in the sky and ends at the white soft sands of the Belceğiz Beach but also for the spectators.

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